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Ampalaya con Kani

[Sauteed bitter melon with crab meat] One day, when we had excess crab meat languishing in the freezer, and all the vegetable drawer contained was ampalaya, I discovered that ampalaya and crab meat can be a great pair to make … Continue reading

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LP 24: Loco Over Coco – The Round-up

We went crazy over coconuts last February for Lasang Pinoy! As an event-ender, here is the round-up of entries for LP 24: Loco Over Coco : a sumptuous buffet of coconut-based dishes. We have a complete array of creations, from … Continue reading

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Common names (Philippine languages) baglau/bataw/bulay (Bisaya) batau/bataw (Bikol) bataw/sibachi/sibatsi (Tagalog) itab (Ifugao, Bontoc) parda, parda-atap (Ilokano) baktaw (Pangasinan) Scientific name Dolichos labiab Linn. Baktaw has been in season since late last year, along with other vegetable pods. The young pods … Continue reading

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Patola Blooms

The community in which we live has been ablaze with lights since December 14, when there was a lighting ceremony with the padres de familias along with their spouses, that had been preceded by the kids’ Christmas party. The decor … Continue reading

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Lauya is the Pangasinan equivalent of the Tagalog nilagang baka, or perhaps bulalo with vegetables added, although the vegetables involved are a bit different. Owing to the Pangasinense partiality for saltiness in viands and anything eaten during a meal – … Continue reading

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Saluyot tan Labong

[Saluyot at labong/jute leaves and bamboo shoots] I have seen and eaten labong cooked in various ways across the country, in Chinese restaurants and in a fresh salad recipe using canned bamboo shoots. But this is the most common, and … Continue reading

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A city dweller once visited a friend in the barrios. As his visit extended into the late afternoon, he was prevailed upon by his friend to stay and eat supper in the house with the family, promising him a special … Continue reading

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